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Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review

When you want to play a serious game of paintball, you need to have a marker that is up to scratch. You need a marker that will work well for you, no matter what is happening on the field. This is where a Planet Eclipse Etha 2 can come in and make a real difference.

If you have considered purchasing this paintball marker or you simply want to learn more about it, read this Planet Eclipse Etha 2 review. You will learn all there is to know about this marker that has a good reputation for being effective no matter how your game is going.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 (Black)

The Details

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is a younger sibling of the first Etha paintball marker. If you have used the original Etha, you’ll know just how good it is.

However, the Etha 2 brings with it a lot more accuracy and reliability which makes it a much better marker. Packed to the brim with features and with some great solutions, this marker also comes with a tough construction and is thought to withstand more than you ever thought.

Relatively light, and offering you a sense of balance, this is a marker that is easy to control. This means that aiming and shooting are so much easier which is never a bad thing.

With a range of modes that allow you to play well during different games, the Etha 2 has a two-part feed. What this means is you can enjoy a lot of shooting over a long period of time.

Ideal for beginners, this particular marker is very accurate which means beginners should get more out of the game than they imagined. While the gun is not the cheapest out there if does have some great features that make it worth every cent.

The Performance and the Barrel

When it comes to the performance of the Planet Eclipse Etha 2, it stands head and shoulders above the first Etha model. This is primarily because you can upgrade it and add accessories should you wish to.

With a good grip that allows you to hold the gun easily, it has never been simpler to point and shoot. Couple this with its level of accuracy and you’re much more likely to hit your targets each and every time.

When it comes to firing the paintballs, the Ehta 2 comes complete with a spring return bolt system. This system has an extension that’s made from rubber and is used to prevent a ball from clipping.

It works by adding a cushion as the ball makes its way down the barrel. This gives you an even better chance of shooting paintballs that land on your target.

With an SL3 regulator, your tank pressure is control as are its variations. When you change the pressure the gun’s firepower is altered which allows it to shoot easily and in different modes.

This is what is thought to make the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 stand out a little as you can adjust the mode so that it fits the style and the type of game you’re playing.

Users also have the chance to enjoy using a gun which is unlikely to break the paintballs. Not only will this mean you have better accuracy, but you will also have better control over your marker.

This is because the ball as it moves through the barrel will be hit by a bolt which offers dual-stage acceleration. In addition to this, when the ball makes its way down the barrel quite smoothly, it means it’s much more likely to travel far and hit your targets each and every time.

The Design and Weather-resistance

The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 has been completely redesigned so that it gives a much better performance. It has also been redesigned to have some additional features which were missing from its predecessor.

The body is made up of a nylon composite which ensures it can last even in the toughest and rugged environment. When it comes to the internal parts, they have been made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

What this means for your new marker is that it is extra-strong and can stand up to being dropped or shot at time and time again. It also allows for more efficient firing which is never a bad thing.

Thanks to its aircraft-grade construction, the Etha 2 is thought to be one of the toughest paintball markers around. This means you can use it no matter what is happening around you and still feel confident that your marker won’t let you down.

In addition to being made from strong materials, the Etha 2 has also been designed to withstand almost every type of weather.

You can use your new paintball gun during the long, hot summer months or even in the winter. This is thanks to its very strong frame that is connected to the body without using a fore grip or wires. This also means it’s easier to clean and that’s never a bad thing.

The Level of Convenience and Longevity

Considered to be something of an upgrade when compared to the original Etha, the Etha 2 is a lot more convenient. This is thanks to the air transfer system which is hose-less.

This makes it so much easier for you to refill the access tank so you can get back to beating your opponents. The ON/OFF switch that can be attached and detached from the tank makes this paintball marker even more convenient to use.

Because this paintball marker does not weigh very much, you should find it very comfortable to use. Those who are new to the game of paintball should find the gun relatively easy to operate.

Those who have played paintball for some time will find that they can traverse the field as much as they wish without the gun feeling uncomfortable.

With a spring return which works to send the bolt back to its position once it has shot a paintball, the marker is simple to use. In addition to this, it is thought to have good longevity thanks to its high durability.

What this means is you can expect the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 to last for many years. This is due in part to the nylon composite materials that are located in its grip frame, feed neck, and eye cover.

The Features

The Etha 2 comes with a lot less kickback and noise than its older sibling. This means you can use the market without worrying too much as to whether your opponent will catch you.

What this means for the game is that you’re more likely to be successful. In addition to the quietness, the level of kickback is good regardless of whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been playing for quite a while.

The kickback that has been reduced also helps to make shooting even easier. This is because you will have a better aim each time you take a shot.
14.5 inches long, the barrel can be upgraded if you wish. This option can help you to personalize your marker even more.

With the ability to shoot in a straight line thanks to the .68 caliber and the length of the barrel, you can cover quite a long distance. This means you won’t have to cover quite as much ground, saving your energy for when it’s needed the most.

Complete with an LED indicator which displays the shooting mode, the screen monitors the rate of fire, de-bounce, and the ramping. When you wish to clean your Planet Eclipse Etha 2, you’ll find you have easy access to the inner parts, making the Etha 2 a great gun to own.

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The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 paintball marker comes with a good level of accuracy. It has a very nice design and is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This makes the marker very good value for money and it should last quite some time.

Those who are new to paintball should find this an easy marker to get used to. All in all, this marker is a good one and it has been designed for use even when the weather. This paintball marker is thought to be one of the best beginner markers around and it’s easy to see why.

Why not read this Planet Eclipse Etha 2 review once more so you are reminded of how good the marker is? You can then make a more informed choice as to whether you want to spend the money on a marker that’s tough, reliable, and easy to use.