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Is Paintball Safe For Kids?

Paintball is a relatively safe activity for people of all ages. This includes kids and teenagers.

Paintball is not only safe but it can also encourage children to spend more time outdoors. In addition to this, it is a very active game and it encourages children to work as a team while they engage in problem-solving.

While there is undoubtedly some risk associated with paintball, the risk is very low. In fact, your child is much more likely to hurt themselves if they were to play soccer or football. This is because if you want to play paintball you have to wear protective equipment. Your child’s face, neck, back, upper body, and feet will be protected. Their arms and legs will also be protected as they are advised to wear clothing that covers them up.


How Old to you Have to be to Play Paintball?

Generally, anyone under 16 years of age will need to have a guardian with them on the site. However, some clubs offer junior or mini paintball that is more suited to the younger child. These games tend to be safer as the equipment they use is less powerful.

– Mini paintball

Mini paintball is offered to those aged between 8 and 11 years old. The paintball guns are a lot less powerful and your child will have even more protective clothing to wear. Those who choose to play mini paintball are given a head mask to wear, a front protector, a back protector, and some gloves. This means your child is a lot less likely to be hurt or startled if they are hit.

Mini paintball games tend to last for no more than 2 hours. During that time, your child is likely to play at least 3 different games, but this depends on where they are playing.

The good news is that when your child plays mini paintball they will only play with or against children who are in the same age bracket.

– Junior pain

Junior paintball is offered to those who are aged between 12 and 16 years old. The paintball guns are a little more powerful than those in the mini paintball sessions. However, your child will be given body armor and gloves. This means they remain protected at all times.
Games tend to last for no more than 2 hours. During that time, your child is likely to play at least 3 different games, but this depends on where they are playing.



The paintball industry has a good safety record, particularly when it comes to children. This is because you simply cannot walk onto the field if you are not wearing the correct safety equipment. This means it is hard for anyone to become injured.
Many people do sustain bruises while they play but this is entirely normal. However, the pain associated with playing paintball isn’t something to be concerned about. It usually feels as if someone has punched you lightly.

– Staff
Most paintball arenas have staff who make sure that both kids and adults are wearing the correct equipment. They make sure that they keep wearing the equipment at all times. If anyone was to remove their face mask, for example, they will have to leave the field/arena.


Safe Equipment

Some arenas will only permit approved paintball guns to be used during a game. These guns will have to be deemed as being safe before they are taken onto the field. In addition to this, paintballs will need to be approved by the area before they are used. This is to make sure that they are fired correctly and they do not pose a threat to anyone else.

If you do not wish to buy your child any paintball equipment they can typically rent it from the arena. Rented equipment is usually checked for quality so that your child only ever uses a paintball gun, for example, that has been approved.

Paintball can be a lot of fun for any child over the age of 8. They can enjoy the thrill that comes with playing in a team and against other people. It can help to boost their confidence while working on a range of skills. Paintball is also a game which encourages children to spend time outside and get fit.