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Essential Paintball Equipment

Essential Paintball Equipment

Essential Equipment to Play Paintball If you’re planning to enjoy a spot of paintballing for the first time you might be feeling overwhelmed. There is a lot of equipment involved and you could potentially spend hundreds, if not thousands of

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Is Paintball Safe For Kids

Is Paintball Safe For Kids?

Is Paintball Safe For Kids? Paintball is a relatively safe activity for people of all ages. This includes kids and teenagers. Paintball is not only safe but it can also encourage children to spend more time outdoors. In addition to

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Does it Hurt to Get Hit With a Paintball

How Bad Does Paintball Hurt?

How Bad Does Paintball Hurt? If you have never had the pleasure of playing paintball before you might be a little nervous. A lot of people who are new to paintballing often worry how much it’ll hurt when they get

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Best Paintball Barrel

Best Paintball Barrels

10 Best Paintball Barrels in 2021 You want the best out of your paintball barrel and you want it to perform well for you all the time. You take the game seriously which means you need equipment that looks good

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