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Essential Equipment to Play Paintball

If you’re planning to enjoy a spot of paintballing for the first time you might be feeling overwhelmed. There is a lot of equipment involved and you could potentially spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just getting started.
The good news is that when you’re ready to play you will only need basic equipment to begin with. What this means is you don’t have to spend a lot of money. This is probably a sensible option as you’ll still be finding your feet.

Paintball Gun or Marker?

Not sure whether you should buy a paintball gun or a marker? They are, in fact, one and the same thing. Paintball guns are also called paintball markers. This equipment is what you need more than anything if you wish to play paintball. You can find paintball guns in a range of sizes and shapes as well as prices. There are many impressive guns out there but for now, you will only need a paintball gun that fires in a straight line.
The good news is you can usually buy a new paintball gun or marker for less than $50. Alternatively, you can rent one from a paintball shop at around $20. If you decide to play paintball quite a lot, it could be worth your while investing in a gun as it will work out cheaper than renting.

Paintball Masks

When you play paintball you will need to have a mask. In fact, you should not even consider playing paintball without a mask. This is because it’s there to protect your face. If a paintball hit your body it would leave a bruise. If it hits you in the eye it could blind you. This is why it’s essential you have a mask on at all times.
Please make sure that any mask you buy has been made for paintballing. Those that aren’t might not protect you as much as you’d hope.

Paintball Hopper

A paintball needs to make its way into your gun’s chamber before you can fire it. One of the best ways to make sure your paintball is in the right location is to use a hopper. A hopper sits on your paintball gun and automatically feeds the balls into the gun. This means you can keep firing at your opponents without having to re-load quite so often.

Air Tank

Compressed air or gas is used to fire paintballs. Air tanks can be large or hold 12 grams of air or gas (usually carbon dioxide). The larger the tank, the more paintballs it can shoot. Some tanks can shoot hundreds of paintballs at any one time.


No game will be complete without the eponymous paintballs. They are what make the game a lot of fun. Paintballs are usually made up of spherical-like containers that you load into a gun. The compressed air or gas ensures that those paintballs are shot easily.
You should be aware that the more expensive paintballs are usually the better ones. However, as a beginner, you should stick with some of the cheaper ones. Make sure you always take enough paintballs with you so you can carry on playing.

Camouflaged Clothing

You do not have to wear camouflaged clothing, but if you do they will help you to hide a little. If you were to stick out like a sore thumb you’re likely to be shot at by your opponents. This is why camouflage clothing is good. If you cannot or simply don’t want to purchase clothing just yet, opt for clothes that are dark green, brown, or black. They will ensure you’re less likely to be seen.


You might find that your o-rings start to blow or wear out right in the middle of a game. O-rings are used inside paintball guns and on tanks. If you have some with you while you play you can replace them and get on with your game.


A (Philips head) screwdriver is a really useful tool to have with you at all times. This is because you might need to take your paintball gun apart. It’s likely that you’ll need to use a screwdriver nearly every time you play paintball. Have one to hand and you can do what you need to do and get on with your game.

Consider buying all the above basic paintball equipment so you too can enjoy a thrilling game of paintball whenever you please.