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How Bad Does Paintball Hurt?

If you have never had the pleasure of playing paintball before you might be a little nervous. A lot of people who are new to paintballing often worry how much it’ll hurt when they get shot. This article aims to answer this very popular question while also showing you how to protect yourself against pain.

Does it Hurt?

The fact of the matter is that getting hit with a paintball does hurt. However, it doesn’t hurt as much as people think. If you were to be hit on your bare skin it would hurt, especially if it was at close range. The good news is this is unlikely to happen. This is thanks to the protective clothing you’ll be wearing and the safe range at which you’ll be shot at. When you’re hit it will feel like someone has thumped you. You’ll still be able to carry on and play the game, you’ll just feel a little bruised.

How to Minimize Pain

If you wish to minimize how much pain you feel while you play paintball, here are a few suggestions:

Wear Multiple Layers

When you wear clothing that’s loose fitting you will protect yourself even further. Wear camouflage jackets, sweatpants, and a sweatshirt if you want the best protection. The thickness of the material will absorb some of the impact that you get when you’re hit. What’s more, is the paintball itself is less likely to break, which means less mess.
The more often you play paintball, the more inclined you might feel to wear clothing that provides you with even more padding and protection. Paintball clothing can be a little costly but it can give regular players the protection they need.

– When it’s Hot
If you live in a hot part of the country it might not always be practical for you to wear a lot of layers. However, you should make sure you always wear goggles, a mask, and a shirt that has long sleeves. In addition to this, you should also wear some light pants as opposed to shorts.

Protecting Those Sensitive Areas

Your head, neck, and your hands are most likely to get hit and they’re the areas where you’re likely to feel much more pain. To protect these areas of your body please wear the right paintball gloves. You should also wear some armor and padding on your back and the front of the body.
When you buy gloves, make sure you they allow you to move properly and they’re comfortable. You’ll need to protect your hands while you play. You should also make sure that a helmet protects the top of your head. This is because when you crawl towards an opponent this part of your head will be exposed. When it comes to your neck, make sure it is protected with a mask. However, you will have to be extra careful when you’re looking up as your neck will be exposed.

Follow all of the Rules

Each time you play paintball, please make sure that you follow all of the rules. The rules are likely to differ depending on where you play. To avoid being hit multiple times, you need to call out to the other players. This will let them know you’re out the game.
You’ll know when you’ve been hit because you’ll not only feel it but there will be a mark on your body that’s around the size of a quarter. As you make your way off the field make sure you hold your marker and your arms in the air. This will tell other people that you’re walking away.
If you are unsure as to whether the hit you’ve sustained counts shout for a “Paint check”. A referee or another player will check you.

Communicate with your Team

One of the best ways for you to avoid getting hit by a paintball is to communicate with your team. Work together and you’re less likely to be shot. Remember, you’re there to play with a team rather than as an individual. Try to avoid running right into the field without having a plan as this will get you seen by your opponents. Make sure you work together and you come up with a plan that keeps something between you and your opponents (Such as a tree or a bunker). You should also try to make sure you always know where your opponents are. This will help to prevent them from creeping up on you.

Paintballing can be a lot of fun but it can hurt a little. Make sure you protect your body and your face so you’re a lot less likely to be injured and you can carry on playing. After a while, you won’t feel the thump of the paintball hitting your body in quite the same way.