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10 Best Paintball Barrels in 2021

You want the best out of your paintball barrel and you want it to perform well for you all the time. You take the game seriously which means you need equipment that looks good and will not let you down.

The trouble is it’s not easy to find the right paintball barrel that meets all your needs. However, this article will help you find the best paintball barrel as it looks at some of the best barrels on the market right now.

1. Empire Paintball Driver XX 2pc Barrel

The Empire Paintball Driver is a sturdy-looking barrel that comes complete with 0.688 bore size and a 7.5 inch control bore along with spiral porting. These features help to ensure you get good ball-on-ball accuracy every time you play.

You can use this particular paintball barrel with Pipe barrel backs, allowing you to mix and match different sizes. This means you can use the pipe barrel to let you match the paintballs with the diameter of the barrel back.

I would have appreciated the ability to mix and match the different sizes a few days ago when I was trying to make my paintball gun look more rugged.

This barrel looks good thanks to its gloss black finish and can make your paintball gun stand out a little thanks to the way it looks. Price-wise, this barrel isn’t expensive at all, which means it’s more accessible to those who need a new barrel.

Compatible with a 2k4 Prostock and a Dye Proto Rize, this is a very nice barrel that’s surprisingly accurate and will boost your accuracy and efficiency.

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2. Tippmann A5 X7 J&J 16"

The Tipmann a5 paintball barrel has a smooth black finish and has the J&J logo emblazoned on it in white. Measuring 16 inches, this paintball barrel is made from ceramic, ensuring it’s more durable than others.

When this particular barrel is being made Teflon is injected straight into the aluminum. This makes the barrel very slick and it gives it a very durable surface. The durable surface means the Tipmann should last a lot longer than some barrels, even during those often busy games where you have to rely on your paintball gun to get you out of a sticky situation.

I would have appreciated this barrel when I was playing a few weeks ago. My paintball gun was knocked out of my hand and the barrel got dented, perhaps this barrel wouldn’t have been as dented.

Very accurate and quite lightweight, if you’re looking for a good quality paintball barrel, this may be the one to opt for. When it comes to the price, this barrel is a little more expensive than some but it has been made to last.

Offering some nice straight shots, this is the barrel to opt for if you want to take out your opponents. Quieter than many other barrels, this particular one is quite easy to clean and is very reliable when it needs to be.

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3. Empire Apex 2 Paintball Barrel - A5 98 Autococker

The Empire Apex a Paintball Barrel has a very smooth black finish that makes it look very modern and professional. The Apex logo is emblazoned across one end of the barrel which adds to the look.

Available in 2 different sizes (16 and 18 inches), this particular barrel comes with an adjustable ramp switch which lets you have your chosen level of curve. The aluminum construction gives this barrel more durability helping it to last longer.

This paintball barrel comes with toolless disassembly which means it’s so much easier to clean and maintain than some barrels. The Empire Apex 2 also claims to come with unmatched accuracy and distance, allowing you to it targets that you may have missed before.

This is my favorite paintball barrel because of how accurate it is. When I used this barrel it upped my accuracy no end, even when I was in a hurry to get a game started.

With the ability to produce long shots along with left as well as right curve balls, this barrel also comes with 9 adjustment spin positions helping you to get more out of your game.

When it comes to the price of this barrel it is a little more expensive than some if you opt for the longer barrel length but it’s still quite reasonable. This barrel will work with any BT/A5 threaded barrels, meaning it’s even more flexible than you think.

This particular barrel gives you a lot more accuracy and it’s recommended that you use a 14 inch barrel as the 18 inch barrel is heavier and there isn’t much increase in distance. Working surprisingly well, the barrel can be modified to fit a Tippmann Cronus

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4. Dye UL1 Barrel - Ultralite 1 Piece - AC 16 inch

The Dye UL1 Barrel comes with a dust black finish that makes it look cleaner than some of the other barrels and the Dye logo printed down the side of the barrel. Precision honed sop that the barrel has a .688 micron tolerance, this could be the barrel you need.

Manufactured from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, this barrel has a good balance as far as strength and weight are concerned. There’s also an anodized layer which makes the barrel a lot more durable.

This might be a good option for those who tend to be a bit rough when they’re playing a game or when they’re using a paintball gun in general.

The straight porting ensures that you can keep the marker quiet while providing a consistent airflow. This airflow is located around the ball when it leaves the bore, making it go just that little bit further and smoother.

The zero-step bore diameter allows the ball to travel more consistently, and the 3D contour means the structural integrity is not compromised. When it comes to the price of the Dye UL1, the barrel is no dearer than many of the other barrels out there which means it could be a good purchase.

The particular barrel will fit the Proto rail and an Axe mini, showing just how versatile it is. In fact, it will fit any markets that come with autococker threads.

Very quiet, you can get on with your game without worrying about being seen. Finally, this barrel is made to a high standard and is considered to be very accurate.

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5. GOG Paintball 16 inch Freak Inline One Piece Barrel

The GOG Paintball 16 inch Freak Inline One Piece Barrel has a very sleek finish which makes it stand out from the rest of the barrels. With a curved barrel and a black and blue finish, this barrel certainly looks like an impressive one.

This is a barrel that has been used by paintball lovers for more than 10 years, showing it’s pretty reliable. The bore to paint match is considered to be perfect, and the barrel itself will work with any Freak inserts.

With a micro-honed interior and linear porting, the barrel is considered to be efficient every time you use it. When it comes to the price, this barrel is almost twice as much as some of the barrels we have seen, meaning it may be out of reach to some players.

The GOG paintball barrel should be very easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to the way that it’s been made, the barrel is quite durable and will last for many years, even if it’s dropped or bashed many times.

I would have appreciated a very rugged barrel last week when my friend dropped his and it broke. I didn’t have a GOG paintball barrel to give him but I think he would have loved using it.

This barrel is ideal for use with an eNMEy, and it even makes it easier to aim when you use it with one. It’s also great a shooting paintballs in a straight line, making it easier for you to hit the target.

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6. Empire Paintball Pipe Barrel - Autococker

The Empire Paintball Pipe Barrel Autococker comes with a very smooth black finish with a gold stripe down the middle. This is thought to be the ideal barrel of choice if you’re something of an elite player.

Very quiet, the barrel also has a 7.5 inch control bore. Measuring .688 the bore is thought to be more accurate than any other barrel helping you to hit targets.

The mirror honed internals ensure that the barrel has a precision surface adding more to your game. This particular pipe barrel comes with 5 different colored rings allowing you to personalize the barrel as you please.

A 2 piece barrel, the colored rings which come in red, back, silver, lime, and gold can be fitted to help the 2 separate parts of the barrel stay together. The polished finish allows the user to shoot the barrel so that it’s clean, this is because paint does not stick to the barrel’s interior, meaning it’s even easier to maintain.

This is a feature that I think a lot of people would appreciate especially as some barrels don’t tend to come up clean very easily. When a barrel is easy to clean it’s much more of a pleasure to use.

When it comes to the price of the barrel it is a little more expensive than some but it is by no means the most expensive out there. 14 inches long, this barrel is ideal if you want a low maintenance barrel that looks good.

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7. Carbon IC Barrel

The Carbon IC Barrel – Injected Paintball 2 Piece Barrel is a very nice looking barrel that has a distinct design and will, therefore, stand out from the crowd. The black and silver finish is by no means smooth but it does make the barrel look more space age.

Completely compatible with a Freak XL insert the barrel has a custom anno’d silver .687 included as standard. 14 inches long, this particular barrel has an aluminum front and an injected carbon back.

The thread and the tip of this barrel are anodized aluminum which ensures that the barrel is less susceptible to wear and tear. This barrel fits with various Eclipse, Empire, DYE, MacDev, CCM, WGP, and Bob Long markers that use autococker threads.

The way this barrel is made ensures that the XL is completely secured between the back and front of the barrel. This ensures that this particular barrel is one of the lightest around, helping you to get on with your game.

Heavy barrels and guns can be something of a drag, and slow you down a little. A paintball barrel that’s very light is what I plan to buy in the near future, allowing me to run around as much as I please without feeling burdened.

Price-wise, the barrel is almost 4 times as expensive as some of the other barrels that we have seen. This does make it quite out of reach for some people even if it does come with a custom anno’d silver .687 as standard.

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8. Deadlywind Fibur-X Autococker Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel - 14 Inch

The Deadlywind Fibur-X Autococker paintball barrel has a very nice finish that makes it looks like it means business. 14 inches long, the barrel is black and gray and it comes with the Deadlywind logo at one end.

Compatible with Freak inserts this paintball barrel has a threaded back, a carbon fiber main and a Freak insert. This particular paintball barrel is very tough and you will find that it lasts you a very long time, meaning you may not have to buy another one for years.

Complete with a 3 layer construction, the Deadlyfriend has a 2 x 2 satin twill look that makes it stand out a little. The SilkFiber that’s located inside the barrel makes it easy to swab, which means it’s even easier to keep clean.

Price-wise, this barrel is a lot more expensive than any we have seen so far. While this barrel is obviously going to last a long time its price will make it somewhat out of reach to many.

The barrel is very light and looks good and shots are a lot straighter when you use the Deadlywind. Ideal for speedball guns and woods ball guns this barrel can be used with a Tillman X7 Phenom or a Tippmann Cronus.

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9. Custom Products 14" Paintball Barrel

The Custom Products 14 inch Paintball Barrel has a very smooth black finish that is quite similar to the Carbon IC Barrel but it comes complete with the Custom Products logo in red and white.

Anodized for extra strength and longevity, this barrel is considered to be very quiet and very accurate, helping you to hit the target more often. This barrel is ideal for any paintball lover, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

I think I would have liked this barrel when I was starting out as the ones I used were loud and target-wise whey weren’t very accurate.

Made to be used in tournaments, the Custom Products barrel shoots very well and shots are thought to be more consistent than they are with other barrels. This barrel is thought to be just as good as the Dye 2 piece Ultra Lite and is very reasonably priced.

Quite light, you won’t have to put up with a paintball gun that’s too heavy to run around with. The smooth black finish makes the barrel look very professional and it’ll look good no matter how your game is going.

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10. Deadlywind Null – Best Paintball Barrel for Accuracy

The Deadlywind Null – Kingman 14 inch Paintball Barrel is very similar to the Deadlywind Fibur-X Autococker paintball barrel, and it seems to be just as good in terms of quality and finish.

Able to fit Victor, Xtra, Spyder, Fenix, MR100, and the MR1, this barrel has a nice black and dark gray finish with the Deadlywind logo emblazoned on the end. Complete with a 0.677 inch straight bore, this carbon fiber barrel is very lightweight and pretty accurate.

The Null barrel comes with 3 layers of construction and the uni-direction fibers have a strong multi-vector pattern making this particular barrel extra strong. Easy to clean thanks to the Silkfiber interior, this barrel will not let you down.

My brother would love this barrel, those that are hard to clean are often left at the bottom of the pile.

When it comes to the price of the Deadlywind Null, it is cheaper than its counterpart making it a lot more affordable. However, it is still quite expensive when you compare this barrel to some of the others we have seen.

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Final Thoughts

While there are some very nice paintball barrels out there the clear winner of this roundup has to be the Empire Paintball Pipe Barrel Autococker. This particular barrel is one of the best paintball barrels out there as it comes with a 7.5 inch control bore.

The Empire barrel is very accurate. With mirror honed internals the barrel will add more to your game. Low maintenance and not too pricey, it also comes with 5 different colored rings helping you to personalize your barrel should you wish to.

Finally, the Empire Paintball Pipe Barrel Autococker has a polished finish that’s easy to clean and is ideal if you’re an elite player who needs a barrel they can rely on.