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Best Gun Oils for Storage

Best Gun Oil for Storage

When you need to store your guns you need to know they’re going to remain in top condition. This means that you might have to purchase some gun oil to ensure your gun is a lot less likely to rust.

The trouble is it’s not always easy finding the best gun oil for storage. This is where this article can come in and help. We have taken a look at some of the best gun oils out there and come up with a list of the 5 best. This can help to make your choice so much easier, ensuring you’re much more likely to get the best gun oil for you.

1. Eezox Premium Synthetic Gun Care

Eezox Synthetic Gun Oil 4 Oz Can

Eezox Premium Synthetic Gun Care comes in a 4 ounce container and is a lubricant, solvent, and rust prevention product. This means it’s quite likely to keep your gun in good condition no matter how long you store it for.

A dry lubricant, you won’t be left with an oily film on your gun. Neither will you have to put up with any caking and this makes this particular product so much easier to use.

Every single part of your gun can be cleaned with Eezox, this includes the metal surfaces, mechanisms, barrel, and other parts. You do have to remove any Teflon coating, waxes, and greases from the gun so it works well.

Once you have applied a layer of Eezox you will have to wait for it to dry. This could potentially take a few hours and you might need to add an extra coating.

Eezox Premium Synthetic Gun Care is effective from -95 Fahrenheit and up to 450 Fahrenheit. This means it can help to keep guns in good condition no matter what climate you live in or if there’s a fire.

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2. HOPPE'S Gun Grease -
Best Gun Oil for Storage

HOPPE'S Gun Grease, 1.75 oz

HOPPE’S Gun Grease, 1.75 oz has the ability to lubricate moving parts whilst also protecting them from erosion. This means you’re much more likely to find that your gun is kept in good condition while it’s being stored.

With the ability to displace any sweat that’s caused by metal, HOPPE’s Gun Grease can provide long-term protection even when you have not cleaned your gun for a while. If you would like to protect the metallic components of your firearm this is the product to use.

There is no over-bearing smell which means you’ll get even more pleasure out of using it. In addition to this, you only need a thin coating on your gun to reap the benefits.

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3. ReFire Gear Men’s Quick Dry Tactical Pants

Lucas Oil 10006 2 Ounce Gun Oil

Lucas Oil 10006 2 Ounce Gun Oil is available in a 2 ounce bottle and comes with high-quality durability. Environmentally friendly, you can keep using the gun oil without worrying about its impact on the environment.

When it comes to removing the oil from the container you will find it’s quite easy. This means you won’t have to worry too much about it spilling everywhere.

Using a microfiber cloth, you can apply a thin layer of the oil to your gun. You don’t need to use too much of this oil, which means it will last longer than you imagined, making it good value for money.

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4. Slip2000 EWG

Slip2000 EWG Syringe Applicator

The Slip 2000 EWG comes in a 4 ounce tub and stays wet for a lot longer than many other lubricants. This means it’s less likely to dry up which in turn means it will last longer than many other lubricants.

With the ability to protect against corrosion, this particular gun oil will work to reduce wear and friction. This means your gun should perform much better for longer.

Helping to protect your guns from sand, dirt, and dust, it is able to work in a wide range of environments. This means you can use it on your guns no matter where you are working or hunting.

While some lubricants burn off in the same way as petroleum might, this product does not. This means you won’t have to worry quite as much about it catching fire and causing damage.

Non-hazardous and non-toxic, you can carry on using it as you know it’s been manufactured to be safe to use.

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5. Cosmoline RP-342"Heavy" Rust Preventative Spray

Cosmoline RP-342

The Cosmoline RP-342″Heavy” Rust Preventative Spray (Military-Grade) 1-Can gives you a dry to the touch finish and it has the ability to protect steel, iron, and all metals for many years. With the ability to withstand salty atmospheres, caustic fumes, and severe outdoor exposure, this could be the oil for you if you use the gun in harsh conditions.

If you are looking for gun oil that will not flake or peel but stays flexible, this could be the oil you need. Completely see-through, you can see the condition of your gun whilst also knowing which areas have been covered in the oil.

The Cosmoline RP-342″Heavy” Rust Preventative Spray can be used on a range of vehicles as an undercoating, this is a spray that means business. While it is a little costly, it does seem to have a lot of uses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Gun Oil Should I use?

This is not always an easy question to answer. There is no “right” answer, so to speak. It all depends on how large your gun is and how many moving parts it has. The gun’s moving parts will affect the friction.

You can identify the parts of the gun which produce friction by looking for wear marks on the barrel and the frame. You might also want to take a look on the side of the gun. These areas need a lot of lubrication. Some guns can withstand a little lubrication but others can also tolerate a lot in order to function correctly.

When you’re using a new brand of gun oil it’s best that you use a little at a time. Place a small amount of gun oil on a microfiber cloth or a suitable rag. Spread the oil and make sure that you cover the areas consistently. Leave the oil to dry for at least a few hours before you check it. If there is enough oil on your gun you might want to add another layer. However, you could always leave the oil as it is and see how it performs.

Every oil is different and it will react differently to your gun and the environment. Using it with caution the first time you apply it will ensure you do not spread in on too thickly.

What is Gun Oil Made of?

There are many different types of gun oil available and they all contain different ingredients. They will also differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

– Aerosol-based gun cleaners

Aerosol-based gun cleaners are typically made from a mixture of acetone, heptane, toluene, carbon dioxide, and methanol.

Acetone is a very common cleaner and is often found in nail polish remover.
Heptane is an oil dissolving agent.
Toluene is a solvent that’s typically used in paint thinners, glues, rubber, and disinfectant. Methanol is a solvent that can be blended with chemicals

– Liquid solvents

These are typically made from ethanol, oleic acid, ammonium hydroxide, and amyl acetate. Every liquid solvent will contain different amounts of ingredients.

– Gun grease

Gun grease is typically made from antimony, butene, and lithium hydroxide among a few other ingredients. Every brand of gun grease will contain different amounts of ingredients. 

Final Thoughts

There are some great gun oils on the market right now, however, there can only be one winner of this round-up. The winner is, therefore, HOPPE’s Gun Grease.

This is because it protects all of the gun’s moving parts from erosion and it offers the gun a lot of protection. In addition to this, it has a low price and it can be used on tools and fishing gear.

If you’re looking for the best gun oil for storage, HOPPE’s is perhaps your best option.