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Azodin Blitz 3 Review

If you are thinking of purchasing the Azondin Blitz 3, this azodin blitz 3 review could prove helpful as it will teach you little more about it. This paintball gun is known for living up to expectations but how do the features and functions fair?

There is always a lot of hype about paintball guns when they come onto the market. However, it’s not always easy to know if the hype should be believed. This azodin blitz 3 review will help you to understand this impressive paintball gun on a whole new level.

It will also help you to realize whether this is the paintball gun for you or if you should consider purchasing something else.

Azodin Blitz 3 (Black)

The Design and Construction

The Azodin Blitz 3’s design is a smooth yet rugged one. It looks like it means business and it’s this that can help the Blitz 3 to stand out from the crowd.

The black finish will work well with any color gear you wear and it will also help you to remain undetected when you’re hiding behind shelter. Some of the more colorful paintball guns can be too colorful and thereby attract attention.

However, with its black finish that makes this gun look good, you won’t have to worry about it standing out too much. This means you can hide in shelter or approach someone one the opposite team without wondering if your paintball gun will give you away.

With a streamline design, you won’t have to worry about those fittings, hoses, or any pieces that can dig into your wrist while you play. This means you can continue with your game and hit your targets or lay down some fire for your team.

The streamline design also allows you to attempt to hit the target as you can see it much better than you might be able to if you were using another paintball gun. In addition to this, the design also makes the Blitz 3 much more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

You’re a lot less likely to have a stiff or aching hand while you play and this can only be a good thing. Not only will you feel more comfortable but you will physically be able to play for much longer each and every time.

The Price and Durability

When it comes to the price of the Azodin Blitz 3 paintball gun, it is a little high. This could put some people off from buying it, particularly if they are new to paintball. However, this is not a paintball gun that is meant for those starting out at paintball.

It is a paintball gun made for those who are already familiar with the game. Therefore, if you’re looking for a paintball gun that does a lot more, you should be prepared to pay more for it.

You could be looking for a paintball gun that is built to last and can fire at your chosen rate. You’ll also be looking for a gun that looks and feels good to use.

If you’ve played a lot of paintball, you might appreciate this particular model. The durability of this paintball gun ensures that it lasts a long time.

What this means is if it were to get hit by a paintball, you will not need to worry too much about it being damaged. You can get on with the match and your Azodin Blitz 3 paintball gun should stay in good working order.

This is also the case if you were to drop the gun as the frame won’t bend or become damaged quite as much as other guns do. As it is unlikely to break very easily, every player can now concentrate on winning the game.

The Barrel and Trigger

The barrel thread is interchangeable and it also comes with an autococker thread barrel. This makes the barrel easy to use and a real pleasure to have.

You don’t have to worry quite so much about loading those paintballs onto your new gun. They should load nicely and make their way into the barrel easily. They should also have no trouble making their way out of the barrel and towards your opponents.

When it comes to the trigger, the scythe trigger is very easy to use thanks to its good shape. This means you should not have to struggle to pull the trigger too much.

In other words, it will ensure that you’re able to shoot much more easily. This can help you get on with your game rather than worry about how well the trigger will perform.

With a composite trigger frame that has been reinforced with glass and nylon fiber, this is a trigger frame that should last a long time. If you were to drop your paintball gun, for example, you would not need to worry too much about it.

The Choice of Colors

This particular paintball gun is available in a choice of colors. In fact, you can purchase it in 11 different colors, which means you can match it with your paintball outfits.

You can also choose a paintball gun to complement your outfits and protective gear should you wish to. This allows you to enjoy a more personalized paintball experience and can help you to look and feel good on the field.

Some paintball guns are only available in a limited range of colors which can put some people off from buying them. When there are more colors available, you’re much more likely to find a gun you like the look and the feel of.

The Operation and Feedneck

When it comes to operating this particular paintball gun, it is thought to be quite easy to use. This is because there are no complicated features or functions.

What this means is you can get on with enjoying your game and you can shoot as much or as little as you like without worrying about whether you’ve used the features correctly. This can give you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on winning the game.

The feedneck thread is interchangeable and has an impulse thread feedneck. This makes the Azodin Blitz 3 relatively easy to use.
The lock feedneck is also quite low profile which also makes it easy to use. Some paintball guns don’t have this feature which means they aren’t always as easy to use as you might have hoped.

The Regulator

The Feather regulator has never been seen on a Blitz paintball gun before. What this means is you’re now much more likely to have a paintball gun that’s light, very easy to service, and quite compact.

When you have a gun that’s very easy to service, it means you won’t have to spend too much time cleaning or repairing it. In other words, it’s easy to look after and you’re not going to waste half the game trying to clean or fix the gun.

The regulator also comes with a revolutionary piston that has an integrated seat. This means that you can use HPA or CO2 with the gun. In other words, you have more choice and you can choose which you would like to play with, thereby personalizing your game even more.

These are features that everyone needs to have on their paintball guns as they can make a real difference to the game. When you have a gun that’s easy to use, you’re much more likely to be confident while you play. This confidence could help you to win the match if you use it wisely and you let your new gun do all the hard work.


Weighing 920 grams or 2.03 pounds, the Azodin Blitz 3 is 18.9 inches long which means it’s a good size paintball gun to use. The length also means that you’re much more likely to hit your targets.

This is because the length of the barrel means you’ll have more accurate shooting. In addition to this, you’ll feel more confident as this paintball gun looks like it means business.

Measuring 8.86 inches high, this gun is not too big which means it’s unlikely to get in the way when you’re busy on the field. Some guns can be quite big and bulky but this isn’t the case with the Blitz 3 at all as it’s quite small and light without having too little power.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn’t Like

Final Thoughts

It has been a pleasure doing a spot of research for this review. The Azodin Blitz 3 is a good paintball gun that has been built to last.

The gun itself comes with an impressive range of features and is ideal for those who have played paintball for quite some time. This is not to say that beginners should not opt for the Blitz 3, however, it is not as simple as some beginner paintball guns.

This is because it comes with the ability to interchange the thread and the feedneck. However, if you can get a grasp on these features any beginners will find this is a reliable gun to town.

While some of the shots can be somewhat inconsistent, the trigger is light and makes the game an easier one. If you are looking for a good quality paintball gun that’s not too expensive, this is a good gun to consider.

We hope this azodin blitz 3 review has helped you understand how good the gun is and how much it can improve your game. Why not read over the review once more so you’re reminded of how good this gun is for those who have been playing paintball a while?